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Ashley Forlie is the very best choice you and your horse could make.

Dear Prospective Student:

We know there are lots of choices in the Saratoga Springs area for riding instruction, but if you’ll allow me two minutes of your time I’ll explain why Ashley Forlie is the very best choice you and your horse can make.

1. Ashley’s lessons are based on the philosophy of “Natural Horsemanship,” which she has been studying for almost 20 years. Using this philosophy, she can help you develop a happy partnership with your horse, giving you the horse life you‘ve always dreamed of having!

2. Ashley has 16 years of experience teaching both English and Western riding lessons, to students of all ages, and levels, with or without their own horse. She can help you learn the basics of excellent riding, or advance your skills, taking you to the next level. She can easily pinpoint rider problems and give you simple and effective strategies to fix them.

3. Ashley has extensive knowledge of horse behavior and how to use horse psychology to get results, versus the traditional use of fear and mechanics. As one of her students, you will learn how to use horse psychology, getting to the horse’s mind. Instead of a horse who feels forced to do what you want, you will have a happy horse, who trusts you as their leader, and wants to partner with you.

4. Ashley will help you build a language to communicate with your horse, both on the ground and while riding. Having clear communication leads to understanding. When your horse understands what you want, you will be able to use psychology to motivate him/her towards your goals.

5. Ashley has broad experience training all different types of horses. She has worked with everything from Minis to Drafts, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Saddlebreds, Morgans, Warmbloods, Gypsy Cobs, Friesians, and many more. She can help you make progress, no matter what breed or size of horse you have.

6. Ashley is highly skilled at reading both horses and humans. She recognizes that every horse and rider is different, and therefore, will need a customized approach. Lessons and training sessions are based on what the horse and rider NEED, not what the pattern of learning and training “should” be.

7. Ashley can help you solve behavior problems, from mild to extreme, such as: too fast, too slow, biting, kicking, bucking, rearing, bolting, spooking, and trailer loading.

8. Ashley can help you set specific goals, both short term and long term, and help you achieve those goals while preserving, and even enhancing, the relationship with your horse.

9. Ashley has experience competing herself, and coaching students, in a variety of equestrian sports: barrel racing, cattle sorting, cowboy obstacle courses, trail rides, hunter/jumpers, combined training, dressage, fox hunting, and hunter paces. This broad experience gives her students a variety of skills and sport options to pursue, or enjoy recreationally.

10. Ashley is patient and kind. As one of her students, or training horses, you will be treated with respect and be able to learn in a supportive environment.

Happy Horse Happy Life Instructor/ Mentor

Ashley Forlie

Ashley Forlie has been an avid student of Natural Horsemanship since her early teens. Ashley not only has a passion for horses but also for teaching. She has been training horses and teaching lessons full time for the past sixteen years. She has coupled her hands-on experience with horse psychology theory to provide her students with the knowledge and understanding they need to build a relationship with their horses, based on responsiveness and relaxation, so that they may further develop their horses in whatever discipline they choose.

Ashley also teaches English and Western riding lessons to all levels and ages of riders that are based on the principles of Natural Horsemanship. She has taught hundreds of students and horses through lessons, clinics, and demonstrations at expos, with amazing results. Ashley is most recently excited to partner with Linda Parelli and Happy Horse Happy Life as one of their instructors.

Ashley Forlie lives in Lake Luzerne, NY with her husband and two young boys. Her horses and business, Ashley Horse Training, are nearby, just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY.

About the training program

Happy Horse Happy Life

Linda Parelli is considered the leading female expert on horse psychology based training and mindful riding, empowering her students to be better leaders, riders and communicators with her unique approach to teaching.

She’s developed a unique goals-oriented horse training program designed to dramatically improve your relationship with your horse, your skills as a rider and your own personal goals.

Learn about Happy Horse Happy Life.

Lesson Prices & Availability

Available: Monday-Thursday and Saturdays. Lessons at locations other than Farr Meadow Stables start at $65/hr., plus a $20 per 30 minutes of travel time to and from the location. Contact Ashley for an exact price for your location.


Beginner Private (1 person) $45/half-hr

Private (1 person): $65/hr

Semi-Private (2 people): $45/hr/person


Group (3-6 people): $40/hr/person

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